KotS Discord频道中关于“攻击机改动”的QA

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Q:How much of a delay are we talking about here? Because as much as the restsounds very nice, that part sounds like it will make it super awkward to usethem and will lead to quite a bit of confusion from the average Joe playing the game.
Also, how will that affect FDR’s rockets that are already super slow?

A:Overall time of attack animation (from the moment you’ve pressed LMB second time to the moment of impact)is increased by 2.5 – 3 times. The mainchange for CV players would be the fact that he has to take a bigger lead, thenpreviously.

Q:wait so rockets would kinda behave like those of the FDR as they areright now?
Would have actually been cool to have a footage of that like we got for skipbombs.

A:Overall, yes, that’s the closest description based on what you have in game.
Couple it with marks for each individual rockets, so that DD knows, where hewill received less damage, and some slight changes to the behaving of rocketscrosshair (shrinks faster, less penalized for maneuvers).
So, as a sum-up – it would be easier for CV to start an attack, and easier for DDto dodge it.